English version

Дан- Стар -Ком Романтик Флирти "Фанта " сука, д.р. 19.10.15

окрас крем- соболь

заводчик Комякова Л.

Silhouette's So Special N ORG


Finch's You're So Special NBlk 

Finch's Golden Opportunity

Pufpride Sweet Dreams


Finch's Walk Upon A Star


Finch's You're So Vain 

Chriscendo Call To Arms

Finch's Bodacious Water Rocket 


Sunterra Sweet Surrender



Tokie The Legend Continues

Tokie Mercury 


Windmist Suntera Selectra 


Sunterra Sugar Fix

Chikai West Side Story Sorve


Sunterra Sparkle Plenty


Дан-Стар-Ком Лу-Лу Блюз



Starlight's Fun Times


Pak Dome's Every Time

Bavanew's Time After Time

Shady Park Evening Star

Windmist Copacabana

Peppipom's Classically Yours 

Willies Lil Annie


Дан-Стар-Ком Фиеста Оф Соул


Jolvin'sOpaline Peannete Royale 


Jolvin's Legacy Of Ginger

Jolvin's Promise Kept At Opaline


Дан-Стар-Ком Ассоль Тип-Топ

Jolvin's Royal Review

Jolvin's Opaline Sweet As Sugar